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CORONAVIRUS IMPACT: Advice to Yachting Community – Arrival Formalities in Italy

Posted by | March 12, 2020 | comments
CORONAVIRUS IMPACT: Advice to Yachting Community – Arrival Formalities in Italy


The Italian Ministry of Health has issued an order ("Circolare Disposizioni sull'adozione di misure urgenti relative all'infezione da nuovo coronavirus (2019-nCOV) dated 06.02.2020") that any vessel - despite its provenience - of a length of over 24 meters that enters into an Italian port shall communicate its arrival and shall simultaneously request a special healthcare release for free circulation ("Libera Pratica Sanitaria" or "LPS") to the Office of Maritime, Air and Border Health ("Ufficio di sanità marittima, aerea e di frontiera" or "USMAF").

The LPS application shall be filed at least 4 hours before the arrival of the vessel (12 hours if the arrival is during the time slot 00:00/14:00 or during a public holiday) and shall contain:

- the maritime declaration of health duly filled;

- copy of the certificate that provides for the sanitisation exemption;

- list of the crew members;

- list of the ports visited in the previous14 days.

The relevant office may request to the Master of the vessel additional documents. After such inspection, also taking into account the structural characteristics of the vessel, the number of person on board, the embarkation of crew and passengers on board, the ports previously visited, any other risk, USMAF may issue the LPS by radio or by access on board.

The mooring of the vessels in any Italian port is forbidden until the receipt of the LPS.

The Master shall communicate any change in the healthcare situation on board occurred after the issuance of the LPS, during the entire stay of the vessel in the port until its departure.

The vessels that leave and return in the same port without embarking any passenger are excluded from the above measures.

All vessels having a length up to 24 meters shall send the USMAF, prior to their arrival into an Italian port, an email containing the maritime declaration of health duly filled (in the form attached here below).

If none of the crew or passengers on board has fever symptoms, the vessel is free to enter in the port upon communication of the above declaration, without the need of any further permission.

In case of crew or passengers with fever the vessel shall not entry into the port and shall wait for USMAF instructions.



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