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Commercial Law


PG Legal deals with a broad range of commercial law issues, including joint ventures, distribution, agency and franchising contracts. Our specialized attorneys assist our clients through all of the phases of such operations, whether on domestic or international, from strategic planning and negotiating to the drafting of the necessary corporate or contractual document.

Following are just some of the activities we performed in this field:


  • Joint venture between a leading Italian company in the field of travel reservations over the Internet and a leading Italian tour operator;
  • Joint venture between a leading Italian company in the field of travel reservations over the Internet and an Italian insurance company for online distribution and sale of travel insurance policies;
  • Joint venture for the development and construction of industrial plants for the production of wind energy in Italy;
  • Joint venture with an Italian publishing company for the creation of a company operating over the Internet and dedicated to travel and leisure;
  • Joint venture and agreement between a CRD and the Italian Railways;
  • Joint venture for the commercialization and distribution of a famous brand of beer and for the development and establishment of English breweries in Italy;
  • Drafting franchising agreements for language schools in Italy and European Union Member States (France and Spain);
  • Joint venture between a German business concern specializing in automobile overhaul centres and showrooms and a leading Italian company in the field of automobile manufactured products;
  • Joint venture between an Italian company and a Tunisian company for the construction of pipelines in North Africa;
  • Joint Venture between an Italian construction company and an Egyptian corporate group for the participation in international tenders for the construction of an oil refinery in Egypt;
  • Joint venture between an Italian undertaking and Israeli company for the production of irrigation plants intended for agricultural purposes;
  • Joint venture between a company operating worldwide in the media and video rentals and a leading Italian company operating in the media for the opening of a chain of video rental stores throughout Italy.


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