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Corporate & Project Finance

The Project Finance Team at PG Legal represents Italian and foreign banks and companies in project finance transactions, with particular reference to the energy and environmental business sectors. 


Our Project Finance Team has advised on a number of projects in the energy and environmental sector in relation to dealings with financial institutions and banks, in structuring and negotiating agreements to obtain finance, in establishing the most suitable corporate structure to develop projects in Italy and abroad. 


We also advise Regional institutions in the drafting of special laws that would enable the local institutions to implement projects on a Project Finance basis. The team works closely with financial analysts and project finance experts who assist in the evaluation of projects and in the structuring of financial instruments.


Our team also advises companies on the most suitable forms of finance by making recourse to special national and regional laws aimed at assisting investment in certain Italian regions, particularly in southern Italy. In order to better serve our clients in their Italian investments, PG Legal has established an alliance with a group of highly specialized experts to seek and obtain funds and incentive programs at the National and Regional level.


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