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Data Privacy

Italian legislation on the protection of personal data aims at ensuring that the processing of personal data respects the fundamental privacy rights of individuals with respect to the commercial use of their personal identity.


Originating from a European Union Directive and in force in various forms through the EU, the protection of personal data impacts all companies operating in Italy, especially in relation to the transfer of data to non EU countries, such as United States, PG Legal provides expert guidance to Italian and foreign corporations to ensure compliance with data protection laws.


Our lawyers assist in preparing required notifications to the Italian Privacy Authority, developing privacy policies, ensuring that adequate security measures are taken to avoid possible violations of the law, as well as project manage compliance of privacy laws for our clients at the European level.


For example, our data privacy experts have


  • advised a US multinationals on the implications of privacy laws in Italy, France, Spain, The Netherlands and Greece
  • assisted an Italian pharmaceutical company in developing privacy compliant policies in Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and the UK
  • assisted US multinationals with the development of Italian privacy and system security policies and the notifications required by the Italian Privacy Authority.


For further information on Italian and European laws concerning the protection of personal data, please contact us at:

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