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Labour Law

Italian labour law grants numerous rights to employees based on national collective bargaining agreements and generally limits the actions of employers in relation to hiring, firing and disciplinary measures. For example, Italian law requires the employer to negotiate with union representatives on various issues including firing and disciplinary actions, as well as in relation to corporate restructuring, mergers, etc. These rights cannot be overridden by collective bargaining or individual minimum requirements set forth by Italian labour laws.


In what is often a complex tangle of labour regulations, PG Legal's employment lawyers assist companies in:


  • due diligence on employment issues when companies acquire business in Italy;
  • renegotiating of employment contracts following an acquisition of an Italian business;
  • dismissal of personnel following corporate or group reorganizations;
  • representing employers in labour disputes before all Italian courts or arbitration panels;
  • drafting of ad hoc employment agreements for managers;
  • analysing collective bargaining agreements applicable to particular business sectors;
  • formulating disciplinary policies in compliance with applicable collective agreements;
  • assisting with union negotiations in relation to corporate restructuring;
  • assissting in the implementation of a renewed pan-European corporate strategy and the consequential labour Law related issues.


PG Legal's employment lawyers have all had international work or study experience and they understand foreign clients' needs when it is necessary to litigate in Italy.


For further information on Italian labour law, please contact us at:

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