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The attorneys, that are part of PG Legal's Litigation and Arbitration, face all of the aspects of commercial litigation, including corporate controversies, labour controversies, enforcement of foreign judgments in Italy, proceeding before Administrative Courts, controversies over intellectual property (including domain names) and international arbitrations.


Types of matters our litigators regularly handle:


  • assistance to businesses operating in the production and commercilization of steel and raw materials with regards to the supply of products and to distribution and sale contracts
  • assisting insurance companies in claim assestment and claim handling in order to optimise defenses against insured parties
  • assisting foreign corporations in challenging freezing orders obtained by Italian suppliers aimed at preventing the cashing of bonds and/or bank guarantees
  • assisting companies in a litigation procedure aimed at the release of industrial equipment purchased through international auction procedures and illegally beheld by Italian parties
  • assissting corporate clients against claims brought forward by the Italian revenue Services
  • assissting German clients in the civil and criminal procedures arising in connection with car accidents occurred on Italian territory
  • assisting an Austrian company from the food industry in a proceeding for the enforcement of claims against an Italian client
  • litigating one of the first internet domain name disputes in Italy regarding violation of trademark. The dispute and the decision in favour of our clients issued by the Court of Milan is considered a landmark in Italian IP/IT cases
  • international arbitration between two aeronautical construction companies for the ownership of patents and other proprietary rights for the development, construction and marketing of aircrafts in Italy
  • recognition and enforcement of judgments rendered by European and US Courts against Italian defendants
  • collection of outstanding amounts due to foreign companies operating in Italy
  • labour disputes


For further information on the services offered by PG Legal in the field of litigation, please contact us at:


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