Anglo-French, that i here decide to believe

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Anglo-French, that i here decide to believe

Host is actually French, as ch is noticable just like the sh; however, chine, this new spine, are Anglo-French

Sark, a top; scarf, a cormorant; scopperil, a great teetotum; get, a gangway down to the sea-shore; screes, rough rocks on a steep mountain-front side, really to possess screethes (the newest th becoming omitted as in clothes), out-of Dated Norse skri?a, a land-wear a mountain-side; scut, a great rabbit’s tail; seave, a dash; sike, a tiny rill, gutter; sile, an early herring; skeel, a wood pail; skep, a container, a measure; skift, so you can shift, dump, flit; skrike, so you’re able to shriek; slocken, to help you slake, quench; slop, a free exterior garment; snag, a great projecting end, an excellent stump out of a tree; soa, a giant round bathtub; spae, in order to predict, so you’re able to prophesy; spean, a teat, (because a good verb) so you can wean; spelk, a great splinter, slim bit of timber; steg, a beneficial gander; storken, so you’re able to congeal; swale, a shady lay; tang, the latest prong away from a hand, a language out of homes; tarn, a mountain pool; 93 tath, manure, tathe, to help you manure; ted, so you’re able to spread hay; theak, to thatch; thoft, a cross-workbench inside a boat; thrave, twenty-five sheaves, or a particular measure of corn; breast, a good wren; titling, a great sparrow; toft, good homestead, an old enclosure, reduced slope; udal, a particular tenure from land; ug, so you’re able to loathe; wadmel, a types of coarse content; wake, a fraction of discover liquids in the a frozen river or load; wale, to determine; wase, an excellent wisp or quick package of hay or straw; whauve, to fund more than, especially having a dish became upside-down; wick, a great creek, bay; wick, a large part, position.

Various other supply of foreign likewise have to your language of the dialects is actually French; a circumstance and this appears hitherto to own come almost totally overlooked. New advice has actually, I believe, started conveyed over and over again, that languages are nearly, if not entirely, without French influence. Some, but not, has entitled notice, maybe too much interest, on French terms found in Lowland Scotch; and it is prominent to help you adduce usually a similar selection of advice, instance ashet, a dish (F. assiette, a good trencher, plate: Cotgrave), gigot, a feet out of lamb, and you can petticoat-tails, certain cakes cooked which have butter (excellently changed regarding petits gastels, dated version of petits gateaux), compliment of illustration. Actually, a whole guide could have been composed about; look for A life threatening Inquiry on the Scottish Words, from the Francisque-Michel, 4to, Edinburgh, 1882. Nevertheless the significance of the fresh new borrowings, 94 chiefly inside the Scotland, out of Parisian French, has been far exaggerated, like in the work just said; and you will a very important resource has been neglected, viz.

The earliest forms of it was basically Norman, nevertheless was afterwards supplemented from the terminology borrowed from other French dialects, such as those regarding Anjou and you can Poitou, along with from the Central French of Paris

By the Anglo-French is supposed the latest very important variety of French which is mainly strange so you can The united kingdomt, and that’s of your high value towards philologist. It actually was thus designed in a way of its own, and ought to often be experienced, instead of Old Continental French, whenever English etymologies are located in matter. It is true so it stumbled on an-end from the 1400, if it stopped as verbal; but in the an early on date it had been live and you may vigorous, and you can coined a unique odd models. An easy analogy try our keyword responsibility, and therefore certainly was not lent about Dated French devoir, but on Anglo-French duetee, a phrase common from inside the Old London, however, absolutely not familiar to each version of continental French.

The point which i keeps right here to help you insist upon is the fact not just does the literary code abound which have Anglo-French terms, however, that they’re in addition to popular enough within our dialects; a time and therefore, as much as i know, is practically inevitably skipped. Neither features the dialects escaped the dictate of the Central 95 French out of Paris, also it would-have-been strange whenever they had; towards quantity of French terms and conditions inside English is truly extremely highest. This is not usually it is possible to in order to discriminate amongst the Dated French of France and of England, and i shall right here think both supply together, although Old Norman terms and conditions is commonly with ease discerned because of the anybody who is regularly the newest Norman distinct features. Of such distinct features I will such as around three, as an instance. Therefore Anglo-French often employs ei or ey where Dated French (we.age. of your region) features oi otherwise oy; and you may English possess chosen the existing pronunciations out of ch and you will j. Hence, even though the convoy are lent off French, communicate is actually Anglo-French. Rouge was French, from the odd pronunciation of final ge; however, fury was Anglo-French; and jaundice try Anglo-French, because it has got the dated j. See Chapters iii-vi regarding my Principles away from English Etymology, 2nd Series.