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Decreto trasparenza e privacy dei lavoratori

Con una recente comunicazione inviata al Ministero del Lavoro ed all’Ispettorato Nazionale del Lavoro, l’Autorità Garante per la protezione dei dati personali ha fornito le prime indicazioni, sotto il profilo della protezione dei dati personali dei lavoratori, in merito all’applicazione del D.Lgs. 27 giugno 2022, n. 104 (c.d. “Decreto Trasparenza”) in materia di condizioni di […]

Decree on Transparency And Workers’ Privacy

In a recent notice sent to the Ministry of Labour and National Labour Inspectorate, the Italian Privacy Authority communicated their first guidelines with regards to the protection of workers’ personal data, for the application of the Legislative Decree no. 104 of 27 June 2022 (the so-called ‘Transparency Decree’) on transparent and predictable working conditions, which […]

Privacy: Meta Ireland Fined 390 Million Euro

Illustrazione vettoriale ePrivacy aziendale globale

On 4 January 2023, the Irish Data Protection Authority (Data Protection Commission) announced that it had imposed two sanctions on Meta Ireland, of EUR 210 million for GDPR violations relating to Facebook and EUR 180 million for violations relating to Instagram, respectively. The inquiry carried out by the Irish Authority had been initiated following two […]

Privacy: sanzionata Meta Ireland per 390 milioni di euro

Il 4 gennaio 2023 l’Autorità per la protezione dei dati irlandese (Data Protection Commission) ha reso noto di aver comminato due sanzioni a Meta Ireland, rispettivamente di 210 milioni di euro per le violazioni del GDPR relative al servizio Facebook e di 180 milioni di euro per le violazioni relative al servizio Instagram. L’indagine svolta […]

Privacy And Legitimate Interest: The Tik Tok Case

With urgent measure issued on 7 July 2022, the Italian Privacy Authority warned the Tik Tok platform that, in the absence of explicit consent, it is unlawful to process personal data stored on users’ devices in order to profile them and send them personalised advertising. The case had resulted from the announcement in June 2022 […]

Bancassurance and Privacy: The Bank is a Data Processor

On 18 May 2022, the Italian Data Protection Authority issued an interesting opinion, at the request of an insurance company, concerning the correct identification of the subjective role of credit institutions that process customers’ personal data in the activity of distributing insurance policies. In providing the above-mentioned opinion, the Authority referred to the general regulatory […]

Telemarketing and Privacy: A Company Sanctioned for Failing to Reply to a Customer

With an injunction order dated 7 April 2022, the Italian Data Protection Authority sanctioned a commercial company for €20,000.00, as it had used a customer’s data without consent and had also failed to comply with a request to exercise the data subject’s rights to obtain information on the processing of his data. The latter, in […]

Privacy And Class Action: Admitted Even In The Absence Of A Power Of Attorney

With its recent judgment of 28 April 2022, rendered in case C-319/20, the Court of Justice of the European Union held that consumer associations could act against violations of the right to privacy, even in the absence of a specific delegation by the injured party, and even as a preventive measure. The judgment was handed down following action for an injunction brought by German […]

Clinical Trials And Privacy: Data Transfer Is Allowed From 3 March 2022

Last 3 March 2022, the new Decree of the Ministry ofr Health of 30 November 2021, published in the Official Journal on 19 February 2022, came into force, containing measures aimed at facilitating and supporting the implementation of non-profit clinical trials of medicinal products and observational studies and regulating the transfer of data and results […]

Marketing and ‘Chinese Boxes’: In the Event of a Breach of Privacy, Is the Commissioner Also Liable for the Companies He Uses?

Entrusting a promotional campaign to a marketing company may also entail liability for the commissioner in the event of a breach of privacy legislation. In fact, on 25 November 2021, the Authority for Personal Data Protection, at the request of two complainants who complained about the continuous receipt of unwanted messages, sanctioned two companies involved in a promotional campaign, […]