Drake try a central reputation into the Star-Entered

  • 22 June 2022
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Drake try a central reputation into the Star-Entered

A tough Atrian exactly who touches with this new Trags, a keen alien militant category, when planning on taking over Environment. He’s one of the Atrians from the show. He was represented of the Greg Finley.

Individual Lifetime

Whenever Drake is a child his mother are removed out-of him when he was younger and put on crates. He place his mom’s face on the destroyed wall structure; the fresh wall structure that has images of all of the Atrians with often been removed or have vanished, where the guy often visits because he forgets their face due to the fact she try taken away way too long ago. He remembers the fresh new confronts of your own boys one got their mother and also already been picking a strong hatred into humans, best him to participate the Trags.

Pilot: Drake keeps an awful take a look at to your individuals regarding first day of college or university. The guy sticks right up for Roman through the quarrels with humans and later engages in a battle in the an event merely to prevent whenever the police arrive.

Such Unlawful Pleasures Possess Criminal Finishes: Drake attends the brand new carnival Marshall High-school servers and you may briefly flirts that have Taylor within entrance claiming if the she displayed this lady “school heart” however tell you his. He is kidnapped by a team of push back humans, merely to feel saved because of the Emery and Grayson.

All of our Toil Should Try and Mend: Drake adversely flirts that have Taylor and you may barks within Grayson having honoring his deceased cousin that have ribbons, claiming that he destroyed “50 % of their group” however, does not go around honoring them with ribbons. The guy afterwards suits the new Trags and you can shows himself worthwhile by coming into their dated vessel to collect a product or service. Drake is meant to eliminate any shield one finds your, however, the guy can not provide himself to do it when that guard begs him not to and you will states he has children. Teri appears to simply help Drake stay away from and you can delete section of new guard’s memories so that the protect won’t should be murdered.

And you will Leftover Zero Friendly Get rid of: Drake supports Sophia whenever she is declined regarding . He later on partcipates in an enormous battle with this new rivals on the newest swim meet, attacking alongside Marshall Higher Pupils.


Drake possess green sight and you can near to shaved, brownish locks. He’s most muscle and you will like all Atrians, the guy football his very own unique face and you can case tattoos/birthmarks. He wears casual attire, usually consisting upwards a key upwards. Appears to be 17 or 18.


  • Drake try proven to be competitive and this was owed to help you their negative look at people while the proven on the truck. He could be including seen engaged in fights in the trailer.
  • The guy likes to operate to own his or her own type, he dislikes they in the event that humans overcome down on the brand new Atrians. 
  • Castor after referred to Drake once the “a blunt software”. It was alternatively unjust just like the second seems getting a great deal more perceptive than just most people promote him borrowing having, which have passed the new examinations expected to meet the requirements involving the Atrian 7 after which immediately realized that Roman is actually under the influence of Vatal, easily discerning one to Teri are the one who drugged your.
  • Greg Finley: “We enjoy Drake, Roman’s companion. We style of have fun with the Mercutio so you can his Romeo. I dislike the new people just like the they might be imprisoning all of us to have 18 otherwise 19 http://www.datingranking.net/vgl-review decades . There’s absolutely no love for the brand new humans.”


  • Drake seemingly have a violent state of mind which results in their demand for fighting. He has got of a lot confrontational activities that have people, including Eric, the one who the guy enters one particular battles having.