Whether operating in Italy on European services or on an establishment basis, PG Legal provides insurance companies, brokers, agents and other distribution networks expert advice on all aspects of Italian insurance law, with specific reference to life, damage, D&O liability, Financial Lines policies.

Our expertise includes

  • drafting insurance documents, such as policy conditions, application forms, and other documents required by Italian insurance law and regulations governing insurance products
  • developing specialized insurance products, such as life insurance policies, unit-linked policies, index-linked policies, health insurance policies, D&O liability policies, Financial Lines policies
  • advising on regulatory matters connected with the incorporation of Italian based companies, the establishment of branches, and notices for operation on the basis of a European service
  • assisting insurance companies in developing new distribution channels, such as the offering of insurance products via the internet
  • drafting and negotiating distribution agreements between insurance companies and their distributors
  • advising on the incorporation of insurance undertaking in other jurisdictions, whether European or non-European
  • advising on captive insurance and participating in cell companies
  • monitoring the market and keeping clients abreast of any development in the Italian legislation applicable to insurance companies including information on tax issues
  • assisting on D&O, Financial Lines, health insurance and life insurance policies disputes

As an additional service, PG Legal offers preliminary risk assessment evaluations in order to provide clients with preliminary evaluations, assessments and risk analysis of claims. Our clients are some of the largest Italian and international insurance undertakings operating in Italy either through an Italian company, branch or on the basis of service. Our clients choose our firm because they know that we understand the insurance market and that we can find creative solutions to implement their projects.

What our clients say

Deep knowledge of the dynamics of the market.” 
Chambers and Partners EMEA Edition, Insurance

Tries to tailor their service to the size of the client and tries to give you a clear view and a clear position.
Chambers and Partners EMEA Edition, Insurance

Very responsive, knowledgeable, service-oriented and up to speed with insurance issues in the Italian market” 
Chambers and Partners EMEA Edition, Insurance

Flexible, available and helpful” 
Chambers and Partners EMEA Edition, Insurance

Professionalism and knowledge of the subject with practicality and market experience” 
Chambers and Partners EMEA Edition, Insurance

The team is extremely dynamic and efficient
Chambers and Partners EMEA Edition, Insurance

The quality of the services provided by the firm is very high
Chambers and Partners EMEA Edition, Insurance


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