PG Legal advises on a wide range of banking and finance matters. In particular, our firm advises foreign investors in the establishment and management of banks and investment companies (SIMs, SGRs) in Italy.

Our legal service includes

  • assisting clients on all matters of Italian banking law
  • drafting and negotiating contracts between banks and other entities, for example, investment companies or insurance companies
  • drafting all necessary agreements regarding products and/or services offered by banks
  • drafting financing agreements, syndicated loans, guarantee agreements
  • structuring operations of corporate finance
  • providing representation to banks and investments companies in their dealings with Italian supervisory authorities (the Bank of Italy and CONSOB)
  • defending banks, investment companies in the case of inspections carried out by the Italian supervisory authorities
  • representing institutional investors, intermediaries, clients of banks and insurance companies in litigation on finance matters
  • assisting banks in the refinancing procedure of a Solar PV installation

PG Legal also advises foreign investment fund companies in obtaining the necessary authorizations to distribute and sell their products in Italy. This includes drafting the necessary documents for the placement of their products through authorized intermediaries.

PG Legal assists a growing number of venture capitalists and private equity funds in acquisitions, turn-around, and corporate reorganization operations. PG Legal further advises on financial matters in the context of extraordinary transactions, including the negotiation of medium and long term international loan agreements and other corporate finance instruments.

For further information on banking and finance matters in Italy, please contact us.