Whether operating in Italy on a Cross Border or on an Establishment basis, we at PG Legal assist leading global insurance and reinsurance groups, brokers, agents and other distribution networks on all aspects of Italian insurance law. We provide our insurance clients with expert and up to date legal advice on life and non-life insurance.

Our lawyers have a wealth of experience in litigation and are able to represent our insurance clients in proceedings before Ordinary Courts, High Courts, Domestic and international arbitration. PG Legal’s litigators assist our clients in all lines of business with a particular reference to Financial Lines, MedMal, PI, Product Liability, Cyber, Marine & Cargo, Yachts and Property.
We are part of ILG (, a network of leading insurance professionals operating in many jurisdictions around the world, working together to ensure that our international clients receive the best possible assistance in defending their rights.


We understand the complex technical, regulatory and commercial challenges faced by large insurance groups.
Our day-to-day work is focused on the needs and growth of our clients. We keep constantly up to date to help them take advantage of new business opportunities in line with regulatory requirements, with a particular focus on risk and capital management.


  • Drafting insurance documents, required by Italian insurance law and regulations governing insurance products;
  • Assisting in the development of specialist insurance products, such as life insurance policies, unit-linked policies, index-linked policies, health insurance policies, D&O liability policies, Financial Lines policies;
  • Advising on regulatory matters connected with the establishment of Italian based companies, assisting on the establishment of branches and on notifications for operations on Freedom of Services;
  • Assisting insurance companies in developing new distribution channels including via the web or with fintech companies;
  • Advising on the implementation of policies and corporate programs to prevent the attacks by hackers or cyber criminal organisations;
  • Assisting companies in their relations with supervisory authorities (e.g. IVASS, CONSOB, COVIP), including in the context of possible inspection or sanction proceedings.


We offer all-round support in: defence of insurance companies, defence of policyholders on behalf of companies, acting as monitoring counsel.


  • Representing insurance companies and policyholders (on behalf in insurance companies) in disputes over PI and MedMal insurance policies in respect of professional indemnity claims involving architects, engineers, accountants, lawyers and medical doctors;
  • Defending insurance companies in disputes involving directors and officers, in relation to D&O insurance policies, for alleged maladministration;
  • Defending insurance companies in claims under financial lines policies covering embezzlement, fraud and cyber-attacks
  • Acting for insurance companies in claims brought by policyholders for compensation under life insurance policies
  • Acting for insurance companies in complex marine liability and cargo insurance matters.

“Tries to tailor their service to the size of the client and tries to give you
a clear view and a clear position.”

“Deep knowledge of the dynamics of the market.”

“Very responsive, knowledgeable, service-oriented and up to speed
with insurance issues in the Italian market”

“Professionalism and knowledge of the subject with practicality and market experience.”

“Flexible, available and helpful.”

“The team is extremely dynamic and efficient.”

“The quality of the services provided by the firm is very high.”