Umberto La Commara

Umberto is an expert domestic and international tax lawyer, a qualified accountant and statutory auditor. His practice also focuses on corporate law providing legal and tax advice in corporate operations and M&A transactions. Umberto has a wealth of experience in representing clients in tax legal proceedings before the Italian Tax Commission and the Italian Supreme Court. His specialization and considerable experience permit him to protect clients’ interests in the event of a tax audit by the Italian Revenue Agency and Tax and Financial Police. Umberto is a member of the board of directors and of the supervisory board in listed and non-listed companies, operating in different industry sectors including telecommunications. A former official of the Italian Tax Police, Umberto taught at the Italian Tax Police Academy and Tax Police School.

Tax, Corporate, Telecommunications

Italian, English

Umberto graduated in Law, Economics and Business with honours, Political Sciences with honours and Economic-Financial Security Sciences with honours.