The role of the Captain in the construction, purchase & sale and refit of a yacht

 Introduction The Captain’s role consists of running the crew, overseeing the technical conditions of the yacht, making sure that the yacht is secure and safe in compliance with the relevant international maritime regulations. In addition, pursuant to article 295 of the Italian Navigation Code and the 2006 Maritime Labor Convention, the Captain is the legal […]

The State-Owned maritime concessions shall be subject to public bids for tenders

The Council of State, with the recent decision no. 10455 of December 4, 2023, reaffirmed that the state-owned maritime concessions shall be subject to public bids for tenders, as established by EU law and by the predominant EU Court of Justice’s case-law. This principle is also enshrined under article 12 of Directive 2006/123/CE (the so-called […]

Works stolen by the Nazis and the relevant remedies for their restitution

Since the early 1990s and until today, the number of disputes regarding the ownership of cultural property has grown exponentially worldwide. In this regard, the greatest plunder of cultural property has been made by the Nazis in the occupied territories between 1935 and 1944. In fact, they stole about 1/5 of all the cultural property […]