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Buying or Chartering a Yacht Using Cryptocurrency: How Cryptocurrency Interacts with the Yachting World?

Cryptocurrencies have already been used in yachts’ purchases and charters, which are mainly paid in bitcoins. In particular, such payments were made in bitcoins, but were afterwards converted into fiat currency. In fact, the number of companies now accepting payments in cryptocurrency is enormously growing. They use third-party platforms specialized in cryptocurrency’s exchange, such as […]

Buying or Chartering a Yacht Using Cryptocurrency: What are the relevant issues?

Introduction The phenomenon of cryptocurrency and crypto technology and their relevant use in various industries is becoming more and more popular in recent years and its increase is occurring in a remarkable way. The yachting industry has also been positively affected by the use cryptocurrency. In fact, we have already witnessed the occurrence of yachts’ […]

Yachts and sustainability: a brief report of the Monaco Symposium on Luxury

On the occasion of the first day of the Monaco Symposium on Luxury organized by the International University of Monaco taking place in the Principality of Monaco from April 4 to 6, 2023, we attended a very interesting event named “New Forms of Luxury… For a Better Tomorrow”.  The speakers included Carlo Moltrasio of Bain […]

First Decision of An Italian Court on the Freezing of Russian Oligarchs Assets

Italy is fighting a legal battle over the assets of Russian oligarchs, and some of them are responding by appealing to the Lazio Regional Administrative Court. Indeed, behind the war in Ukraine there are legal disputes related to sanctions decided by the European Union against Russia and its oligarchs. In Italy, 28 of them are […]

A Guide to Buying a Property in Italy

CONTENTS INTRODUCTION PRELIMINARY STEPS STAGE 1: IRREVOCABLE PURCHASE OFFER STAGE 2: PRELIMINARY CONTRACT STAGE 3: DEED OF SALE AND PURCHASE TAXATION CONCLUSIONS   1. INTRODUCTION Italy is widely recognised for its abundance of cultural beauty and its remarkable geographical diversity, with which comes a rich and dynamic property market. The Italy Luxury Real Estate Market […]

Anti-Money Laundering in the Yachting Sector

Anti-Money Laundering in the Yachting Sector

Introduction  The continuing evolution of technology over the past decades has brought about momentous changes in every area of life. From the economy, to culture, to personal relationships everything seems to have been absorbed by it, and crime is no exception to this change, indeed it evolves by adapting. In fact, criminal infiltration emerges in […]

Italian Parliament Is Making Progress To Save The Yachting Industry

The Italian Finance and Industry Commission at the Senate has expressed a favorable opinion to an important amendment to the “Law Decree Ucraina”,  which will allow extra -Schengen seafarers to remain embarked onboard yachts and ships for more than 90 days. The problem of the 90 days time – limit (the so-called 90/180 days rule) […]