IVASS – Letter to the Market, 20 February 2024

On 20 February 2024, the Italian Insurance Supervisory Authority (“IVASS”) published a letter to the market outlining the timing and operational procedures for supervisory reports with reference to 2024 data or to be submitted in 2024 via the Infostat platform.

In detail, these reports include

  • Solvency II reporting and financial stability information;
  • National surveys and statistics;
  • Identification of dormant policies;
  • Natural catastrophe and sustainability risk reporting;
  • Health insurance liability survey;
  • Consolidated financial statements in accordance with international accounting standards;
  • Monitoring of investments and life insurance premiums;
  • Register of Insurance Companies and Groups (RIGA);
  • Non-compliance ECB procedures.

With regard to investment monitoring of investments and life insurance premiums, IVASS will provide details on the technical and operational aspects of the submission of flows through Infostat, in second half of 2024.

IVASS recommends to carry out all necessary controls when preparing reports, including those contained in the EIOPA taxonomy, and to carefully follow the compilation criteria outlined in the letter to the market of 15 December 2020.