Activation of Italian Beneficial Ownership Register

With the publication of Ministerial Decree No. 236 on October 9, the Beneficial Ownership Register became operational.

All companies having their office in Italy are obliged to notify the data and information regarding the beneficial ownership to the competent Italian Chamber of Commerce (Camera di Commerico), that will register and store the data in a special section of the Company Register. The communication has to be made within 60 days as from the date following the publication of the Ministerial Decree.

On October 10, the new version of DIRE, the digital platform used by the Chambers of Commerce, has been released.

Through the platform online filings and applications can be submitted to the Companies Register.

In its new version 1.1.48, the DIRE platform will also allow the filing of the declaration of Beneficial Ownership for anti-money laundering purposes, whereby the natural persons who own or control a legal entity or are beneficiaries thereof are identified.