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Imposta sulle riserve matematiche dei rami vita: nuovo aumento

L’art. 44, comma 2, del D.L. 48/2023, pubblicato sulla gazzetta ufficiale il 4 maggio 2023, ha previsto l’aumento allo 0,6%  dell’aliquota dell’Imposta sulle Riserve Matematiche  – IRM (e, di conseguenza, dell’aliquota dell’Imposta sul Valore dei Contratti Assicurativi – IVCA) per l’esercizio 2023 e allo 0,5% a partire dall’esercizio 2024. Ad oggi non è chiaro se […]

The Introduction Of The Confiscation By Equivalent In Italy For The Crime Of Smuggling

The change The Italian Legislative Decree n. 156/2022 amended article 301 of the TULD (Italian Consolidated Text of Custom Laws), allowing the possibility of equivalent value confiscation for the offence of smuggling when it is not possible to proceed with the direct confiscation of the product or the profit of the crime. The introduction of […]

“Navigating the high seas” VAT exemption – only for vessels involved in a commercial activity

The Italian Revenue Agency (Agenzia delle Entrate), in its reply no. 175 of January 31, 2023 has confirmed that in order to benefit of the non-taxable VAT status provided for by Article 8-bis, (1) (a) of the VAT decree (Presidential Decree No. 633/72), it is not sufficient that the vessel is used for navigation on […]

No VAT on ordinary maintenance also for yachts under temporary importation

The Italian Revenue Agency (Agenzia delle Entrate), in its reply no. 254 of 17/03/2023, clarified that the fees for works of ordinary maintenance carried out by Italian suppliers on yachts under temporary importation regime are not subject to VAT pursuant to Article 9, paragraph 1, no. 9 of the VAT decree (DPR n. 633/72). The […]

Sale of touristic packages in Italy by a foreign Company: terms and taxation

Permanent Establishment (Agenzia delle Entrate Answer No. 96/2023) The Italian Tax Agency (Agenzia delle Entrate, “AE”) considers that the sale of tourist packages in Italy by a foreign company (established in Switzerland), including the charter of pleasure vessels, carried out exclusively from offices located outside the Italian territory and/or when such activity is carried out […]

Simplified Regulation For Non-Eu Pleasure Yachts For Maintenance And Refitting Works In Italy

On 27 May 2022, the Italian Customs Agency (Agenzia Delle Dogane” or “AD”) with Circular Letter no. 20/2022 (the “Circular”) provided important clarifications that simplify the procedures for non-European flagged pleasure yachts  entering EU waters to carry out maintenance and refitting works at Italian shipyards. The main simplified features are: exemption from guarantees and VAT for maintenance […]