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Palm Beach International Yacht Show from March 21 to 24

Gianfranco Puopolo and Lorenzo Ranieri will be attending the prestigious Palm Beach International Boat Show taking place from 21 to 24 March 2024. The event is a leader in the boating and marine industry in the US and worldwide. Gianfranco and Lorenzo will be there to assist clients in yachting transactions and are available for […]

IACP 2024 European Conference in Stresa: March 12 – 13, 2024

Our partners Gianfranco Puopolo and Giovanna Aucone will attend the conference organised by the International Association Claims Professionals (IACP), which will take place in Stresa (Lake Maggiore- Italy) on 12 and 13 March 2024. Speakers and attendees come from leading companies and law firms in the international insurance market. The event is a prestigious opportunity […]

Conferenza europea IACP 2024: Stresa, 12-13 marzo

Gli Avvocati e Partner di PG Legal, Gianfranco Puopolo e Giovanna Aucone, parteciperanno alla conferenza organizzata dall’International Association Claims Professionals (IACP), che si terrà a Stresa (Lago Maggiore) il 12 e 13 marzo 2024. I relatori e i partecipanti provengono da principali società e studi legali del mercato assicurativo internazionale. L’evento è una prestigiosa occasione […]

“Improving Yacht Crew Retention” – Conference in Nice on 7 March, 2024

On 7 March 2024 in Nice, our yachting team will be attending a conference organised by Quaynote on the topic of “Improving Yacht Crew Retention”. Professionals from the yachting world, such as crew managers, superyacht lawyers, crew training companies, tax specialists and beyond, will come together to explore some of the key issues that need […]

Market protection and regulation: practical implications

More than 60 guests attended the conference “Market protection and regulation: practical implications” organised by PG Legal in collaboration with TopLegal and hosted by Spazio Chiossetto in Milan on 25 October. The event was introduced by Gianfranco Puopolo and moderated by Giovanna Aucone, experts in the insurance sector. In the panel participated renowned operators of […]

Tutela del mercato e regolamentazione: implicazioni pratiche

Più di 60 ospiti hanno partecipato alla conferenza “Tutela del mercato e regolamentazione: risvolti pratici”, organizzata da PG Legal in partnership con TopLegal e ospitata nella sala di Spazio Chiossetto a Milano lo scorso 25 ottobre. L’evento è stato introdotto dall’Avv. Gianfranco Puopolo e moderato dall’Avv. Giovanna Aucone, esperti in materia. Il panel dei relatori […]

“Market Protection and Regulation: Practical Implications” – An event organised by PGLegal in partnership with TopLegal

PG Legal, in partnership with TopLegal, has organised a free training event on “Market protection and regulation: practical implications“. The conference will take place on Wednesday 25 October at Spazio Chiossetto in Milan. It will be an important opportunity to explore issues related to POG, Fit & Proper, ESG, incentives, Preventivass , mandatory advice and […]

“Tutela del mercato e regolamentazione: risvolti pratici” – Un evento organizzato in collaborazione con TopLegal

PG Legal, in collaborazione con TopLegal, ha organizzato un evento formativo gratuito dal tema “Tutela del mercato e regolamentazione: risvolti pratici“. La conferenza sarà ospitata nei locali di Spazio Chiossetto Milano il giorno mercoledì 25 ottobre. Sarà un’ importante occasione per approfondire i temi legati a POG, Fit & Proper, ESG, incentivi, Preventivass , Consulenza obbligatoria […]