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Incentives for photovoltaic systems

The new decree to incentivise “AGRICULTURAL” plants including those with “any power capacity” comes into force on 14.2.2024 (‘AgriVoltaic Decree’) The “Agri-Voltaic Decree” was issued inter alia in consideration of the fact that: One of the targets to be achieved within 30 June 2026 is the installation of photovoltaic solar panels in agro-voltaic systems with […]

The new Meloni government policies include a return to Nuclear Energy

What is this policy about? It appears to be in line with the European sustainable development goals, which come to life from the decisions taken by, among others, Cop 26. As a matter of fact, the intention of achieving a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions within a very short timeframe, which,combined with a progressive […]

AEEC Autumn Conference 2021: “The Future Energy Market and its Actors for Achieving our Climate Targets”

PG Legal Energy Partner Frank J. Geffers will participate in the Round Table organized on the occasion of the Autumn Conference organized by AEEC (“Associated European Energy Consultants”) in cooperation with Verdia Legal, taking place on Thursday, November 4th, 2021, in Barcelona with the title: “The Future Energy Market and its Actors for Achieving our […]