COVIP – Supervisory contribution resolution 2024

On March 12, COVIP published on its website the resolution of February 7, 2024, entitled “Determination of the measure, terms, and methods of payment of the contribution due to COVIP by supplementary pension funds in the year 2024, under art. 1, paragraph 65, of Law No. 266 of December 23, 2005”.

The resolution provides that, in addition to COVIP’s funding, each supplementary pension fund – which as of December 31, 2023, is registered in the register under art. 19 of decree No. 252/2005 – is required for the year 2024 to pay a contribution equal to 0.5 per thousand of the total amount of contributions collected for any purpose within May 31, 2024.

Flows of supplementary pension funds, as well as contributions related to ancillary benefits such as insurance premiums for disability or premature death, are excluded from the calculation.