First Cyber Index Report: Lack of sufficient Awareness of Cyber – Risk Among Italian Small and Medium sized enterprises

On October 19th in Rome, Confindustria and Assicurazioni Generali (with the participation of the National Cyberseurity Agency) presented the first “Cyber Index PMI Report”, which is an index aimed at measuring the awareness of cyber risks among small and medium sized enterprises.

The report is based on questionnaires completed by 708 small and medium sized enterprises and evaluates three different dimensions:
– Strategic approach
– Ability to understand and identify threats, and
– Implementation

The results of the report reveal an inadequate awareness of cyber risk among small and medium sized enterprises. 

The Cyber Index is insufficient, considering that a “passing grade” is set at a level of 60 out of 100, while the average score is only 51 out of 100.
Similarly, the awareness of cyber risk insurance policies is low, as only 17% of small and medium sized enterprises have adopted one, and 29% are not even aware of their existence.