IVASS adopts a new procedure for the collection of information

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By a notice dated 9th January 2023, IVASS has announced that, pursuant to IVASS Regulations No. 44 of 12th February 2019 and No. 50 of 3rd May 2022, it will adopt, no later than the 30th June 2023, a new procedure for the collection of information due from both Italian and foreign companies, for the purposes of anti-money laundering detection and information regarding non-life premiums collected through insurance intermediaries and management activities. 

This new procedure, communicated via a Letter to the Market dated the 29th November 2022, is to be implemented on the Infostat platform, and will replace the system that is currently in use.

To operate under this new method, Italian and foreign companies not already registered will have to do so by accrediting themselves on the Infostat platform.

The accreditation process must be carried out by March 2023. Signalling is required for those companies that have collected non-life or life premiums in Italy during the year 2022.