IVASS – Agreement with Google to combat online fraud

IVASS has announced a collaboration with Google to combat online fraud perpetrated by rogue sites.

The verification programme, which was announced by the supervisory authority on the 11th of September, will start on the 1st of November 2023.

As part of the new verification process, all entities wishing to advertise financial services will have to provide proof of authorisation from the relevant local authorities after the completion of Google’s advertiser verification programme.

This programme is already active in a number of countries around the world, starting with the United Kingdom, where a significant reduction in ads associated with financial fraud has been seen.

IVASS claims that it has already provided Google with a white list, which is the list of regular sites that has recently been published on its website and will be updated on a monthly basis to assist in the checks.

In any case, IVASS advises consumers to consult the list and be cautious when evaluating internet or telephone insurance offers.