IVASS – Guidelines for the Access to the National Resident Population Registry

In its letter to the market dated November 22, 2023, IVASS provided the instructions for accessing the ANPR (National Resident Population Registry) through the PDND (National Digital Data Platform).

Regarding dormant deposits and policies, Article 3, paragraph 1-quinquies of Presidential Decree No. 116 of June 22, 2007, requires insurance companies to consult the national population registry at least once a year.

in order to verify the decease of life insurance policyholders and to ensure that the payments to beneficiaries are carried out.

Considered that the ANPR has been completed, Insurance Companies – including those which offices in another European country operating in Italy under the freedom to provide services – must adhere to the PDND platform and follow the instructions to access this “database”.

In order to adhere to the PDNP, the Insurance Companies have to possess a certified email address, that is  listed in the Register of Insurance Companies (RIGA).

Considering the requirement to consult the Registry at least once a year, IVASS invites the Insurance Companies to promptly join the platform to verify the potential death of life insurance policyholders in the year 2023.