IVASS – Letter to the market of 9 May

With letter to the market addressed to health insurance companies with legal headquarters in Itay, published on 9 May, IVASS announced the start of a survey on collective contracts in the health sector, distinguishing those signed by health funds or similar entities from those signed by organizations of a different nature.

Companies with legal headquarters in Italy that collected at least 10 million in direct premiums in the health sector in 2023 are held to participate in the survey, by completing  an excel file available on the Authority’s website. The data to be provided are the data referring to the year 2023, and include inter alia (i) recorded premiums, (ii) claims-related costs, (iii) development by generation of claims paid and reserved at the end of the year and (iv) number of risk units.

The file has to be sent to FONDI@ivass.it by June 21, 2024.