IVASS: Letter to the market on new procedures via Infostat

With letter to the market of 1 March 2023 (“Letter”), IVASS indicated the timing and operational modalities for the communication of supervisory reporting information through Infostat.

The Natural Disaster Risk and Sustainability Survey, launched with a letter to the market on 27 July 2022, has to be carried out also for the year 2023 and consists in two surveys:

  • a quantitative survey, called ESG, on the investment area and the technical area, reporting the data for the year until 31 December 2022;
  • a qualitative survey, called ESGQS, that reports the latest available data.

The Letter specifies that any update to the survey instructions will be published on IVASS´ website within May 31. With regard to the risks of money laundering and terrorist financing, the Letter refers to the letter to the market of 29 November 2022, whereby the introduction of a new procedure for the filing of information on the AML-risks from life and non-life insurance undertakings in Italy as well as on the volume of the premiums collected in the non-life sector had been announced.

Those reports have to be filed through the Infostat infrastructure, that completely replaces the previous filing system.

The new filing method applies to all annual reports to be sent to IVASS, starting with those referring to the year 2022 data, to be file within 30 June 2023.