IVASS – New RUI Portal

In an article published on its website on 13 December, IVASS announced that the new RUI portal, which will allow insurance companies and intermediaries to enter and update data directly, will be operational in the coming months.

In order to proceed, the legal representatives of intermediaries registered in sections A, B and D of the register, the legal representatives of insurance companies and the general representatives of the branch offices of intermediaries registered in the Enclosed List (EU) must first be accredited to the Delegation Portal via SPID, CIE or CNS and be in possession of the company’s Chamber of Commerce certificate or any other document attesting to their representation on behalf of the company.

Once accredited, representatives will also be able to delegate access to the new RUI to third parties.

The IVASS website provides the link to access the web portal for the management of proxies and the attached manual.