“Market Protection and Regulation: Practical Implications” – An event organised by PGLegal in partnership with TopLegal

Is insurance regulation, with its constant updatings, really the primary objective? Are the interests of the consumer truly at the heart of it all?

How can managers, consultants, intermediaries, insurance companies, key functionaries, and insurance professionals in general manage their business in compliance with industry regulations?

In order to provide a pragmatic answer to these questions, PG Legal, in collaboration with TopLegal, is pleased to announce their next seminar to be held in Milan on 25 October 2023, on the subject of “Market protection and Regulation: practical implications“.

Gianfranco Puopolo and Giovanna Aucone, Partners at PG Legal, will be joined by experts in the sector who are at the forefront of a constantly evolving market, such as:

Gino Fassina / Chief Commercial Officer, Allianz Global Life
Simone Martelli / Chief Executive Officer, Solyda
Alberto Maria Maturi / Chairman and CEO, Sheltia
Roberto Radice / Head of Network Management, Bene
Marco Passafiume Alfieri / Managing Director, AmTrust

The planned “Round Table” will allow for a Q&A session on the proposed topics, the exchange of experiences and the comparison of possible practical solutions.

The seminar will be held in Italian.

Information and registration: https://toplegal.it/prima-pagina/eventi/evento/602/tutela-del-mercato-e-regolamentazione-risvolti-pratici