PREVENTIVASS: ANIA asks for an extension until October

ANIA has taken official actions against IVASS, sharing the agent´s concerns regarding operational difficulties linked to IVASS Regulation No. 51/2022,  proving for the implementation of an online system comparing the offers of the insurance companies operating in the motor vehicle liability insurance in Italy,  and the use of platform “Preventivass”.

With a letter published by ANIA, the latter acknowledges and confirms “the strong concerns expressed by the insurance companies with regard to the complexity, the onerousness and the inadequate timeframes envisaged for the actions to be carried out by the insurance companies in order to assist the intermediaries in the quotation of the basic contract at the annual expiry dates of the motor liability contracts in force, pursuant to IVASS Regulation No. 51/2022″.

Faced with the obvious implementation difficulties associated with the type of interconnection developed by IVASS between companies and Preventivass, which does not have the technical characteristics proposed by ANIA and insurance companies and which requires changes in  the infrastructure and business processes, on 27 February 2023, ANIA submitted a new petition to IVASS. In this petition ANIA emphasized the diversity of the procedure and of the implementation process with respect to the consolidated operations in the motor sector, as well as the delayed provision of the technical specifications by IVASS to the market, which -according to ANIA, makes the timetable indicated by IVASS, that envisages a full operability of the procedure within 31 March 2023, unfeasible.

 In its petition, ANIA requested IVASS to extend the deadline for the full operativeness of the procedure to at least October 1st, 2023, providing for a gradual entry into force of the obligation to provide quotes for the basic contract at the renewal of motor liability contracts from this date on. Otherwise, intermediaries would find themselves forced to manually or semi-manually manage basic contract quotes for renewals, with a negative impact -due to the resulting operational inconvenience-on more than 30 million motor liability policyholders.

ANIA further sent a letter regarding the technical aspects. ANIA confirmed once more the need to reactivate the Technical Table between IVASS and the insurance companies’ experts, that had been set up two years ago, with regard to the basic contract, in order to allow a continuous technical-operational discussion with the motor insurance market and to facilitate structured coordination and productive confrontation.