Privacy Authority – Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace

During the 45th Global Privacy Assembly, a conference bringing together all data protection authorities worldwide, held from October 15 to 20 in Hamilton, Bermuda, one of the hot topics was artificial intelligence, particularly generative AI (such as ChatGPT).

The Privacy Authority collaborated with German and UK authorities to draft a resolution on the use of artificial intelligence in the workplace, covering various aspects including applicants recruitment, contract negotiation and employee monitoring. This resolution calls for ensuring a human-centric use of AI systems. According to the resolution, given the potential impact on workers’ personal and professional lives, the development of AI tools should adhere to data protection principles by design and by default (meaning guarantees established from the outset to minimize data usage and purposes for which they are processed). Adequate legal basis and safeguards are also required for the processing of personal data to prevent disproportionate surveillance, complying with the principles of necessity, proportionality, and data minimization.