IVASS – Instructions for the transmission and collection of MOINV data

On April 29th, IVASS (Institute for Insurance Supervision), following the Market Letter of February 20th, published the “Instructions for the electronic transmission of data for the Infostat collection of information related to investment monitoring and life premium collection (MOINV)”.

The document is addressed to all companies based in Italy and the secondary offices established in Italy, by insurance companies with office in a non-EEA country. These companies will have to transmit the aforementioned data via the Infostat platform twice a month.
Furthermore, the data filed has to be  updated to the date of the data collection, and has to be filed within  within seven days from the collection.
Moreover, IVASS has provided the filing schedule for the year 2024.

IVASS pointed out that a diagnostic transmission mode is available for these surveys, and therefore recommends to make use if this  option prior to the definite filing to verify the absence of errors in the data to be transmitted.