IVASS – Proxy Platform to access New Intermediary register

Starting from June 4, 2024, the new Single Register of Intermediaries (RUI) will be officially operational, allowing intermediaries and insurance companies to directly enter and update their own data in the IVASS’ RUI.

To this end, it is necessary that (i) the legal representatives of intermediary companies registered in sections A, B, and D of the RUI, (ii) the legal representatives of insurance companies, and (iii) the general representatives of the secondary offices of intermediary companies listed in the Annexed List (EU) carry out a preliminary accreditation procedure on the “Proxy Platform”, using a form of certified identification such as  SPID (Public Digital Identity System), CIE (Italian electronic identity card) or CNS (National Service Card).

Individual intermediaries can access the new RUI portal directly, using SPID, CIE or CNS, even if they operate through a sole proprietorship.

The IVASS website provides the link to access the Proxy Platform, as well as the manual containing the accreditation instructions.