IVASS – Updated instructions on the POLDO procedure

On 12 February, IVASS (the Institute for the Supervision of Insurance) issued instructions for the electronic transmission of data concerning the payments related to dormant policies, to be carried out through the Infostat platform.

Following the Letter to the Market of 25 January, 2024 (Prot. No. 0023887/24), which announced the new procedure for transmitting data to, based on the Infostat, which is the platform for the collection of information from companies operating in life insurance branches, IVASS now clarified the transmission methods for the annual data filing with regarding the dormant policies.
The guide containing detailed instructions on the new data transmission method is available on the Authority’s website.
IVASS underlined that companies that have never operated through the Infostat platform must first register on the website http://infostat-IVASS.bancaditalia.it, by sending a specific accreditation form duly completed via PEC to the address: studi.gestionedati@pec.ivass.it, inserting “Infostat – request for POLDO survey authorization” in the subject line.

IVASS also clarifies that throughout 2024, the opening and closing dates for the reporting may vary, depending on the access of the National Digital Data Platform during the start-up phase.