The Italian Administrative Court (TAR) Has Suspended the Term to Make the Filing Relating to the Beneficial Owner

The Italian Administrative Court (“TAR”) for Latium, IV Division, by order 8083 of 7/12/2023  (RG 15566/2023) , has suspended the Decree dated September 29, 2023 of the Ministry for the Enterprises and of Made in Italy (Mimint), relating to “Operativity of the system to file the data and information relating to the Beneficial Ownership”, published on the Official Gazette G.U. – S.G. n. 236 of October 9, 2023, which set December 11 as deadline to make the filing relating to the Beneficial Owner.

Specifically, with this order, the TAR provisionally granted the request submitted by an association of fiduciary services, and as a result:

a) it suspended the effectiveness of the decree of September 29, 2023, specifically the provision establishing the rules for filing data regarding Ultimate Beneficial Owners to the Chambers of Commerce by December 11, 2023;

b) it scheduled the public hearing for the substantive examination of the appeal for March 27, 2024.