The Supreme Court On Claims Made Clauses

  • Posted By Giovanna Aucone
  • |
  • 22 June 2020

Recently, the Supreme Court has once again ruled on the issue of claims made clauses, with two rulings that seem to oppose each other. These are ruling No 8117 of April 23, 2020 and ruling No 8894 of May 13,…

YET: UCINA has just started discussions with the Customs Agency

  • Posted By Gianfranco Puopolo
  • |
  • 11 July 2019

In May 2019, the Italian National Union of Shipyards and Nautical Industries (“UCINA”), in the light of a new interpretation of the EU customs legislation, started discussions with the Italian Customs Agency regarding Commercial Yachts and YETs (Yachts Engaged in…

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